The Healthy Entry for Asylees Lives (HEAL) fund supports New Mexico non-profits by providing vital flexible assistance to support vulnerable children, families, and adults lawfully seeking asylum in the United States.

Adults, families, and children entering the United States fleeing from persecution and violence in their home country need adequate legal representation, language interpretation, medical services, communication, transportation to a safe and secure shelter, and support for a successful transition to a healthy productive life. Local trusted non-profits, when provided adequate support and capacity, are the most effective deliverers of humanitarian assistance to asylees.

This effort is a public-private partnership that is leveraging local philanthropic dollars, state funding, and federal relief funds to have the greatest impact in New Mexico.

Thank you for supporting a safe, healthy entry during the pandemic for Asylee families and children. 

HEAL Fund partners hosted a virtual convening on October 27, 2021 to learn more about:

  • The needs of asylees in New Mexico
  • The support being provided by nonprofit partners
  • Ways to engage in this community effort

Recording of HEAL Fund October 27, 2021 Convening.

In 2021, New Mexico Foundation awarded approximately $776,000 in funds to the following nine organizations.

New Mexico Immigrant Law Center – $100,000

To provide legal representation and communications needs for asylum seekers as well as general support services to meet the ongoing need in this area.

Las Cumbres Community Services – $75,000

For Santuario del Corazon staffing, attorney, therapy program supplies and facility expenses.

Santa Fe Dreamers Project – $100,000

To support legal staff providing advocacy on behalf of asylum seekers and for post-release work, booking and facility costs.

El Calvario United Methodist Church – $250,000

To support additional staff to increase the organization’s capacity to meet the needs of asylum seekers, to purchase shelter equipment, and to upgrade the shelter’s infrastructure.

Colores United – $75,648.00

To support staffing needs and a therapy program for asylum seekers.

Border Servant Corps – $80,000

For the purchase of passenger vans to transport asylum seekers.

5 Site Council and Albuquerque Faith Works Collaborative – $40,000

For the asylum seeker program coordinator and general operating support.

American Red Cross New Mexico – $25,000

To provide essentials for Afghan evacuees housed at Holloman Air Force Base.

Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains – $30,000

To support 15 Afghan families with rental assistance and for the organization’s overall program work.