2023 marked the 40th Anniversary of the New Mexico Foundation, and we are thrilled to celebrate 4+ decades of grassroots philanthropy focused on the people and needs of rural New Mexico. Throughout our history as the only statewide community foundation, we are proud to have served all 33 counties in New Mexico, as well as the 19 Pueblos, Navajo Nation, and Apache Nations.

Founded in 1978 and officially incorporated as a legal entity on May 3, 1983, in honor of this 40th Anniversary we are excited to announce the release of our new history booklet,

New Mexico Foundation, 1983-2023: Celebrating 40 Years of Statewide Community Philanthropy

We are privileged and grateful to have such extensive historical archives and records of our 40+ years of work. This publication would not be possible without the extensive research and documentation of José Rivera, co-founder of NMF and professor emeritus of Community & Regional Planning, University of New Mexico.

Download a PDF of the booklet via the embedded document below, or via this hyperlink.