A Charitable Remainder Trust is an irrevocable gift that your client can make to New Mexico Foundation (NMF) in exchange for income for life based on negotiated terms.

  • Legally, at least 10% of your client’s asset must go to NMF.
  • Your client receives fixed or variable payments for life, or for a term not to exceed 20 years.
  • The annual payout to your client can be between 5% and 50% – and is negotiated.
  • Upon your client’s death, the remainder is transferred to NMF.

A Charitable Lead Trust is a trust established by your client as a way to donate income-producing assets to NMF for a set period of time.

  • Your client donates income-producing assets to fund a time-limited trust.
  • A gift of income from the trust flows to NMF during the term of the trust.
  • When the term ends, the remainder of the trust goes back to whomever your client designates as the beneficiary—free of taxes on any increase in the asset’s value.